GIIAVA is a group focused on adding value to agriculture and agriculture processing. With our strong research core, we have developed a number of processes that allow the economical conversion of by-products, reduction of wastes, and reducing the cost of agriculture and agriculture processing. Our Group of companies spans from de-oiling of lecithin, manufacturing of animal feed ingredients as well as the conversion of agricultural waste.

Company Profile

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Our company is engaged in creating value addition processes for the edible oil industry and agriculture. We are currently one of the largest producers of de-oiled lecithin globally, with our de-oiling plants in Singapore and India. We develop new processes in our research facilities in India and Singapore. Additionally, through our sister companies, we are also involved in producing animal feed ingredients.

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Mr. H. Bhave

With more than 30 years of experience in edible oils, fats, oleochemicals, and animal feed, Mr. H V Bhawe is considered an authority in the edible oil markets in the Asia Pacific region. He has developed numerous applications for oils and fats in the animal feed sector. Currently, he heads the group’s marketing strategies and market development.

Mrs. M. Bhave

Heads both lecithin de-oiling plants, one in Singapore and one in Wai, India. She is also a driving force behind the development of our Biotech and Agritech sectors.

Mr. S. Bhave

He heads the animal feed division in India (Hightech Energy Feeds). The division has grown under his leadership to span five production units across the country and is the driving force behind the animal feed division in India.

Mr. Ajay Bedekar

He manages our customer relations and his focus is relationship development in all the new sectors that the group is exploring.

Dr. Y. Bhave

Currently sets the research direction in our oil tech segment, with the means of catalysis and reaction engineering. He has developed the processes that will be utilized to upgrade sludge oils.

Certifications Wai

The company was incorporated in 2003. The Unit was certified for ISO 9001:2001 in 2007. It was certified for CERT ID Certification (Non-GMO Standard v5.1) by CERT ID Europe Limited in Oct 2008 for the processing of Non- GM liquid soya lecithin and manufacturing of Non- GM Powder Soya Lecithin. GIPL is also registered for Halal Certification and the products Soya Lecithin (Powder) and Standard Soya Lecithin (Liquid) are certified for the Halal Certification. GIPL is now registered with the Kosher certification and the products Soya Lecithin (Powder) and Standard Soya Lecithin (Liquid) are certified for the Kosher Certification

We are endorsed by the following certifications :

FSSC 22000

Certifications Jurong Island

We are endorsed by the following certifications :

FSMS 22000
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